The Snowdon Horseshoe in Spring

Snowdon Prints

Framed Prints and Library of Pictures of Snowdon and The Snowdon Horseshoe

Photographs of The Snowdon Horseshoe, the majority of which were taken from the shores of the Llynnau Mymbyr at Royal Bridge, Capel Curig. Other compositions include images of the Snowdon group from the summit of the neighbouring Glyder range and also from within Cwm Dyli.

Sunrise Over Snowdon, Snowdonia
Snowdon Winter Sunrise
Midwinter sunrise over the peaks of the Snowdon Horseshoe and the Llynnau Mymbyr.
Snowdon Spring Reflections, Snowdonia
Snowdon Spring Reflections
Spring snow on the Snowdon Horseshoe is reflected in the Llynnau Mymbyr.
Snowdon Reflections, Snowdonia
Snowdon Autumn Reflections
The Snowdon Horseshoe is perfectly reflected in the waters of the Llynnau Mymbyr.
Morning Cloud Over Snowdon , Snowdonia
Clouds Over The Snowdon Horseshoe
Cloud rises from the peaks of the Snowdon Horseshoe following overnight snowfall.
Snowdon Morning Mists, Snowdonia
Snowdon Morning Mists
Early morning mist lifts from the peaks of the Snowdon Horseshoe and Llynnau Mymbyr.
Snowdon Summer Dawn, Snowdonia
Snowdon Summer Sunrise
The vivid light of sunrise illuminates the Snowdon Horseshoe and Cwm Dyli.
Winter Snowdon, Snowdonia
Winter Snowdon
The Snowdon Horseshoe in full winter raiment seen from Royal Bridge, Capel Curig.
The Snowdon Horseshoe, Snowdonia
The Snowdon Horseshoe
The Snowdon Horseshoe from the Llynnau Mymbyr, Capel Curig in Spring.