Rannoch Moonset and Sunrise

Print Title : Rannoch Moonset and Sunrise
Catalogue No, : SH065-L
Image Size : 450 x 300 mm
Print Size : 594 x 420 mm
Media : Fotospeed Metallic Gloss 275 gsm
Ink : Epson Ultrachrome Lightfast


About The Image

Rannoch Moonset and Sunrise
The moon sets into colourful skies during a winter sunrise on the Rannoch Moor.

I have said before that, given a choice between the two, I much prefer sunrise to sunset. I also enjoy the stillness and silence of the pre-dawn; a time when one can be at peace and feel at one with nature. After an early start during which mist covered most of the moor, the rising sun gently cast its pink warmth over the western horizon. As the mist lifted, the descending moon slowly fell into this colourful background beyond the stark white peaks of the Blackmount across Rannoch Moor.  In its frozen condition the loch provided more interest and the patterns in the ice provided the perfect vehicle to add depth to the image and draw the viewer’s eye through it.

See also ‘Rannoch Dawn‘ print, captured from the same location on the same day.