The Cuillins from Loch nan Eilean

The peaks of the northern Cuillins of Skye from Loch nan Eilean, Sligachan.

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This is a beautiful and almost neglected location just off the roadside west of the Sligachan Hotel. I had captured an image here in the early spring of 1985; at the time the loch was still and clear of vegetation and it provided an almost perfect reflection of the peaks of the northern Cuillins beyond. However, it was too early in the day to light the scene to perfection and the intervening moor was uniformly coloured an uninteresting shade of brown.

I had resolved to return but never expected that it would take a further 29 years before I would obtain an image that did full justice to the scene. As someone who favours photography in the early morning, it soon became clear that the light was never going to be perfect for the image I was seeking to achieve.

On this particular day, I ventured out in hope rather than conviction, but as I arrived on the scene I found the conditions to be perfect; good light, interesting cloud formations in the sky, the first hints of autumn in the vegetation and still waters with only a hint of a breeze. The sun was just starting to fade, producing that gentle warm light of late afternoon.