Suilven and Canisp

Seen from the hills above Strone, Suilven and Canisp rise high and stand tall and isolated above the lonely and open moorland beyond Lochinver.

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Suilven may be a relatively small peak but its remarkable and distictive outline make it one of Scotland's best known and most popular mountains. Suilven's bulk is comprised of highly eroded Torridonian sandstone sitting on a bedrock of much older Lewisian gneiss. Along with its near neighbour Canisp, it appears much higher than its actual height would indicate due to its steep sides and the vast surrounding "cnoc and lochan" moorland scenery from which it rises in magnificent isolation.

On this early spring day I had set out with the intention of capturing images of several peaks in the area culminating in a sunset shot of Suilven from this location near to Lochan Sgeireach on the road to Stoer and Clachtoll. The weather on previous evenings had suggested the possibility of there being a good sunset, and having set up my cameras I sat back and waited patiently for the evening light to do its work on Suilven's sandstone terraces.

However, much against all expectations, as the afternoon shadows lengthened, heavy and brooding shower clouds gathered inland indicating a change in the weather from that which had been forecast. But whilst the colourful sunset did not materialise I was, nevertheless, provided with an interesting spectacle of contrasting sunlight, shadow and cloud over the summits of Suilven and Canisp and the intervening moorland above Lochinver.