Mustagh Tower

Mustagh Tower from Gore on the Baltoro Glacier

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Mustagh Tower, 7,276 metres (23,871 feet) is a mountain situated in the Baltoro Mustagh, Part of the Karakoram range. It straddles the border of the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan and China. The peak is located between the basins of the Baltoro and Sarpo Laggo glaciers.

The Mustagh Tower gained attention through a photograph captured by Vittorio Sella during the 1909 Italian expedition to K2. The picture was taken from a vantage point to the south east on the upper Baltoro Glacier, as it was here, at the campsite of Gore. From this angle, the twin summits of Mustagh Tower appeared perfectly aligned, giving the mountain the appearance of a slender tooth and making it seem extremely impregnable. This image was featured in a book on mountaineering in 1941 with the caption "The Last Citadel".