Loch Garry Summer Sunset

Glen Garry, Loch Garry and the peaks of Knoydart on a summer evening.

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This gentle image of a Loch Garry summer sunset was just one of a series I had taken over a period of twenty minutes as the sun slowly disappeared over the north-western horizon. This is a very well-known and frequently visited viewpoint and I am not claiming that there is anything new nor different here in its content or composition. Indeed, I have taken many images from this viewpoint before, at all times of year, but this is the first time that I actually achieved a sunset when the sun was precisely where I wanted it to be.

I have always loved this view, not just for the strange feature that the shape of the loch mirrors the outline of Scotland itself, but of the form and character of the receding and seemingly inaccessible ridgelines of the Knoydart mountains and the intervening afforested hills. The loch also sits niecely within the image without any reflective glare from the sun and there is still some detail in the foreground. The clouds also provided some wonderfully interesting shapes which were enhanced as the sun went down.