Kintail Rainclouds

Rainclouds and crepuscular rays fill the skies over the Five Sisters of Kintail and Loch Duich.

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The weather had been particularly changeable during the early part of the month and after the clearance of yet more overnight rain a showery north-westerly airstream prevailed. In hopeful anticipation of some interesting light and dramatic images I headed west towards the coast and the shores of Loch Duich, from where the summits of The Five Sisters of Kintail rose up into cloud populated skies. My first instinct was to visit the popular viewpoints on the road to the Mam Ratagan Pass, but given the amount of low cloud that prevailed upon my arrival I rejected that option as soon as I reached the summit of the pass.

Instead I headed back to Ratagan village where I had captured a fair number of images in the past, but this time continued past the village on the single track road towards Letterfearn. Here, at sea level, the air was calm, but the brisk wind at higher altitudes  drove the shower clouds across a frequently changing skyscape of blue sky, summits and crepuscular rays.

The scene changed continually and held my interest; would the scene improve or would it pass. It was just a matter of when to press the shutter ....