Glencoe Lochan Autumn Reflections

The warm tints of autumn are reflected against a cloud covered Beinn a’Bheithir.

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Glencoe Lochan Autumn Reflections was captured on an almost windless day of soft and often transient light. There was some haze in the atmosphere produced by a slow incoming frontal system from the west. I had carried out some photography on Rannoch Moor and also higher up Glencoe but the light did not have any real impact on the mountains and I did not feel that anything that I had captured so far in the day would stand up to scrutiny when I returned to the studio.

In a rather rebellious mood and in a desperate hunt for an image which would make best use of the stunning autumn colours I ended up at the ‘hospital lochan’ in the grounds above Glencoe village. It was not somewhere I had been before, nor somewhere I had considered suitable for the kind of image that was identified with my style of photography.

Having somewhat aimlessly circumvented the shore of lochan with camera and tripod over my shoulder, my attention was suddenly drawn to the contrasting colours in the broad variety of trees present and to the sombre brooding mountain of Beinn a’Bheithir looming in the background. The entire scene was also perfectly reflected in the still waters of the lochan.

As I commented earlier, this image is not in my usual style. However, on reflection, I began a day with little prospect of obtaining a pleasing image yet end with one that I felt had great character and was so very representative of a typical autumn day in the Highlands.