Five Sisters Autumn

The Five Sisters of Kintail and Loch Duich from the Mam Ratagan Pass in Autumn

Panoramic Print
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There are mountain views of which I never tire, and one of them is that of the Five Sisters of Kintail across Loch Duich from the Mam Ratagan Pass. Seeing these mountains once again is like visiting old friends; and they are friends who rarely disappoint.

I arrived at Ratagan village a little later than I had anticipated and, as I might have expected, by early afternoon the sun was already falling in the western skies casting a dark shadow across the loch. As a consequence I could not find a composition with which I was entirely satisfied. Stimulated by the sea air and a brisk cold north-easterly breeze I abandoned my shoreline location and headed up to the Mam Ratagan Pass. Here the brilliant colours of autumn provided the perfect foreground to the view of the peaks of the Five Sisters, the loch below and blue skies above.

I stayed for nearly two hours as the sun dipped further towards the horizon and the shadows lengthened. Eventually the light slowly faded, the best of the day was done, and I headed for home.