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Slioch from Loch Maree

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Slioch from Loch Maree

Slioch is one of the classic mountains of the Scottish Highlands; rising in splendid isolation from the eastern shores of Loch Maree its complex summit offers oustanding views in all directions and is a magnet for any self-respecting mountaineer or hill-walker. The mountain presents its finest aspect to the north-west and its shapely and distinctive outline (Slioch is translated as 'The Spear') is dominant along almost the entire shoreline of Loch Maree from Talladale to Kinlochewe.

If I have one concern when capturing a photograph of Slioch from Loch Maree then it is the difficulty in obtaining balance in the overall composition. The two main subjects in whatever composition is chosen are inevitably going to be a distant isolated tall mountain and a vast expanse of loch dominating the foreground and the horizontal perspective.

In times gone by I could avoid this issue by working a composition at the Bridge of Grudie where an isolated and curious meander in the fast flowing River Grudie provided an excellent foreground for the mountain which could then be framed with a stand of Scots Pine trees. Sadly, today, difficulty of access to the riverbank and a fallen tree now rule this option out.

In the circumstances my preferred viewpoint is now lochside a mile to the north where a tree lined promontory provides the the balance and the foreground interest that the composition so desperately requires.

Photographic Details :-

Date : February 2013
Location Map Reference : 963683 : Shore of Loch Maree. Time : 1055 GMT.