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Skiddaw, Saddleback and Derwentwater

On Location

Skiddaw, Saddleback and Derwentwater

The familiar shot of Skiddaw, Blencathra and Derwentwater from Catbells (Blencathra is also known locally as Saddleback) is one of the classic views of the English Lake District and, indeed, I had taken and published several similar images of my own many years ago. However, as I set off on this cool, frosty November morning I wanted to produce something different and in panoramic format.

Being a frequent visitor to the area, I had chosen my location very carefully and specifically many months in advance of the shoot. Higher up the Catbells ridge the vast expanse of Derwentwater becomes far too dominant in this format and lower down there is not enough water. On this particular shoulder of the ridge, however, I felt that Skiddaw and Saddleback held the viewer's attention, but the balance of the overall image was just right.

I had anticipated taking a shot of autumnal colours, but as chance would have it, a weak cold front passed over the Lakeland peaks the night before the shoot and left behind the mountains covered in the first light snow of winter. I shot the image just as there was enough light to cover the forest in middle distance - otherwise this area would have ended up far too dark on the final image. It was a tight run thing, within 30 minutes, the cirrus cloud in picture had developed considerably and the view was gone!

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : November
Location Map Reference : NY24441 20031 : Catbells Ridge. Time : 0915 GMT.