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Kintail Rainclouds

On Location

Kintail Rainclouds

The weather had been particularly changeable during the early part of the month and after the clearance of yet more overnight rain a showery north-westerly airstream prevailed. In hopeful anticipation of some interesting light and dramatic images I headed west towards the coast and the shores of Loch Duich, from where the summits of The Five Sisters of Kintail rose up into cloud populated skies.

Although calm at sea level, there was a brisk wind at higher altitudes which drove the shower clouds across a frequently changing skyscape of blue sky, summits and crepuscular rays. The scene changed continually and held my interest; would the scene improve or would it pass. It was just a matter of when to press the shutter .....

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : September
Location Map Reference : 900215 : Loch Duich : Time : 0800 GMT.