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Glen Garry

On Location

Glen Garry

This is another of those iconic viewpoints, looking west over Loch Garry towards the snow capped mountains of Glen Quoich and Knoydart. Over the years the conifers in the foreground of this shot, when taken from the roadside, have begun to encroach upon the composition, so I now work from a location some 30 metres up the hill behind.

When I arrived on the scene this February morning much of the glen was hidden beneath a veil of frozen mist which has left its mark on the trees around the loch. Within fifteen minutes this had lifted to reveal the wonderful panorama captured in this image. The final image was achieved from a photomerge of five consecutive shots taken in the vertical format.

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : Early February
Location Map Reference : 211028 : Glen Garry. Time : 1015 GMT