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Bla Bheinn Reflections

On Location

Bla Bheinn and Loch Slapin

This mountain and location needs little introduction from me. Regardless of how many images I already have from this spot, no two moments are ever the same and I am always compelled to take yet another. This was a perfect morning and I was returning from a shoot above Elgol when I was attracted by this almost perfect reflection of Bla Bheinn in Loch Slapin. Whatever you achieve when taking an image from this location seems always to depend not only on the light, but also the height of the tide.

Some photographers might prefer the infinite variety of form, texture and colour provided by the rocks, crustations and vegetation visible at low tide, but it's reflections that always seem to catch my eye, none more so than on this occasion.

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : April
Location Map Reference : 572213 : Shore of Loch Slapin near Torrin. Time : 1015 GMT