Loch Garry Sunset

Loch Garry Sunset was one of a series of images that I captured over a period of some twenty minutes or more as the sun disappeared over the horizon – in this case at almost that precise moment. 

This is a very popular and visited viewpoint, being immediately visible and accessible from the main road to the Isle of Skye between Invergarry and Kyle of Lochalsh. It is also famous because the shape of Loch Garry seen below is not dissimilar to that of a map of Scotland. My favoured location is no longer roadside but on a hillside some one hundred metres above.

As far as the photograph is concerned, there is nothing new or different here in its content nor composition. Indeed, I have taken many images from this viewpoint before, at all times of year, but this is the first time that I actually achieved a sunset when the sun was precisely where I wanted it to be.

My aim was to capture a Loch Garry Sunset with sun in shot, but without dominating the scene entirely. If the sun is too dominant in the composition there is every likelihood that it will be reflected in the waters of the loch producing unmanageable and unpleasant amounts of glare.

The receding ridgelines of the Knoydart mountains are still clear, as are those of the intervening afforested hills. The loch also sits niecely within the image without any reflective glare from the sun and there is still some detail in the foreground.

I was also fortunate to be able to produce a second image after the sun had set. The scattered clouds of different type and at different altitudes provided some wonderfully interesting shapes that were beautifully illuminated and enhanced in the warm colourful sky. 

Date : 29th September.
Location Map Reference : NH 21136 02898 : Above Loch Garry.
Time : 1750 GMT.

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