On Location with Ian Evans

Loch Duich Sunset

Loch Duich is a well-known and visited viewpoint and the type of conditions one encounters here are often down to chance. There are excellent opportunities for capturing a pleasing shot at either end of the day and, in my opinion, the elevation provides a more expansive composition than that which can be achieved down at shore level.

With a very stable anticyclone in place and centred right over the Highlands there was less cloud about this evening and therefore less opportunity for a complex and vibrant composition. Instead I waited for the sun to set well below the horizon to capture the afterglow that reaches particularly the highest and thinest layers of cirrus cloud. This effect illuminates much more of the sky and as a consequence the colours were reflected beautifully in the flooding waters of the incoming tide. The inclusion of the floodlit Eilean Donan Castle was not something I set out directly to achieve but it does make a significant and pleasing addition to the overall composition.

Date : 30th September
Location Map Reference : 883259 : Above Dornie.
Time : 1825 GMT

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