Ben Nevis Dawn

This view of Ben Nevis at Dawn is from Corpach Pier across Loch Eil. Corpach Pier is one of the most popular and productive viewpoints of Ben Nevis and many hundreds of images of Ben Nevis have been taken here of which my own, Ben Nevis in Winter Raiment, was a best seller. In the circumstances I felt that the only option I had to produce an original piece of work was to work with whatever variations of light would be available to me. 

Ben Nevis At Dawn was one of many compositions that I had considered for that ‘autumn window of light’ when conditions both on the ground and in the sky can produce some very dramatic imagery. 

This was a cold morning; the overnight change in the prevailing winds from south-west to north-east had cleared the low level cloud to reveal an upper layer of cirrus – the combination of which was quite striking.

My original intention was to include the rising sun in the shot, but its eventual arrival behind the ridge of Ben Nevis was diffused by the cloud layers and that image was disappointing. The most interesting image of the morning was that of the pre-dawn rather than sunrise itself.

Date : 13th October 
Location Map Reference : 095766 : Corpach Pier.
Time : 0735 GMT

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