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In this expanding section of my website on landscape photography I have taken you behind the lens on a selection of shoots at different locations. Many of the images featured here were captured using high end digital cameras so an accurate record of the settings used will be available in the form of metadata. This information is supplied for each image along with the equipment used and a precise Ordnance Survey map reference.

Equally, if not more important than the choice of equipment and workflow, is the ability to identify the best location, camera angle, composition and lighting for the chosen shot. It will become clear when reading these articles that when I am working in Britain, and when given the opportunity, I will always favour and seek out an elevated mountain viewpoint rather than a roadside or valley alternative. I prefer to shoot at dawn and dusk when the light is usually most colourful and directional, but this is not always possible and there are occasions when a compromise must be made. That said, except in winter when the sun is always low in the sky, I rarely shoot in the middle of the day.

Ullswater Morning Mists
Ullswater Morning Mists, The Lake District
It would be inapporpriate to declare any one of the Lake District valleys as being more beautiful or popular than any other, but given the close proximity of, and easy access to, both the Helvellyn and High Street mountain ranges, Ullswater ranks highly in many peoples' minds, including my own. When I decided to capture a new and original image of Ullswater ... Read More
Glen Garry
Glen Garry, Scottish Highlands
This is another of those iconic viewpoints, looking west over Loch Garry towards the snow capped mountains of Glen Quoich and Knoydart. Over the years the conifers in the foreground of this shot, when taken from the roadside, have begun to encroach upon the composition, so I now work from a location some 30 metres up the hill behind ... Read More
The Saddle and Faochag from Glen Shiel, Scottish Highlands
The Saddle from Glen Shiel, Scottish Highlands
When I am in Glen Shiel I cannot resist taking a look at, and then capturing yet another image of The Saddle from the River Shiel. A winter ascent of The Saddle is one of the classic mountaineering routes of the Scottish Highlands, and the view of the peak and its pointed neighbour Faochag from the River Shiel is much underrated and neglected in favour of its more illustrious neighbours ... Read More
Liathach from Loch Clair, Glen Torridon, Scottish Highlands
Liathach from Loch Clair, Scottish Highlands
On this particular morning I had headed out in hopeful anticipation of some interesting dawn light on the mountains of the far north west of Scotland, but when I reached Ullapool the cloud was down to sea level accompanied by a roaring easterly gale. So I headed back south towards Torridon but as soon as I left the sunny coastline around Poolewe and Gairloch ... Read More
The Cuillins from Loch nan Eilean, Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands
The Cuillins from Loch nan Eilean, Scottish Highlands
I had captured an image here in the spring of 1985; the loch was still and clear of vegetation providing an almost perfect reflection of the Cuillins beyond. However, it was too early in the day to light the scene to perfection and the intervening moor was uniformly coloured an uninteresting shade of brown. I had resolved to return but never expected that it would take a further 29 years ... Read More
Skiddaw, Saddleback and Derwentwater
Skiddaw, Saddleback and Derwentwater, The Lake District
The familiar shot of Skiddaw, Blencathra and Derwentwater from Catbells (Blencathra is also known locally as Saddleback) is one of the classic views of the English Lake District and, indeed, I had taken and published several similar images of my own many years ago. However, as I set off on this cool, frosty November morning I wanted to produce something different ... Read More
Glen Loyne Shower Clouds
Glen Loyne Shower Clouds, Scottish Highlands
I am a frequent visitor to this location, and the view rarely disappoints. Standing upon this exposed hillside at an elevation of 350 metres, one can expect to encounter difficult conditions on a winter's day when snow showers are hurried across the loch and open glen on a strong north-westerly breeze. Such were the conditions when I took this image ... Read More
Liathach Torridon Panorama
Liathach Torridon Panorama, The Scottish Highlands
Liathach is arguably one of the most iconic and frequently captured images of The Scottish Highlands - and justifiably so. I cannot recall how many times I have stood on this spot in all seasons and in all weathers. This time it was early February and I was hoping for a good covering of snow, but instead I got ice ... Read More
Loch Torridon Sunrise
Loch Torridon Sunrise, Scottish Highlands
The mountains of Torridon epitomise everything that I love about the Scottish Highlands. The landscape has a grandeur that is unrivalled anywhere else in the country, and, in particular, the tall monolithic mountains of Beinn Alligin, Liathach and Beinn Eighe rise up evocatively out of a rich tapestry of moorland and loch forming secretive glens ... Read More
Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch
Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch, The Lake District
The most evocative and uplifting moments I have experienced in the mountains of Britain and the Himalaya have been during the twilight hours, particularly in the pre-dawn, when one is alone, the world around is still, and the only sound to be heard is that of silence ... Read More
Sunrise Over Snowdon
Sunrise Over Snowdon, Snowdonia
I have a particular affection for Snowdon. It was the first mountain that I ever ascended, it was where I spent the formative years of my mountaineering life and it was also where I carried out much of my 'photographic apprenticeship'. In the years that had passed since, I had paid Snowdon no more than fleeting visits ... Read More
Glen Garry Summer Sunset
Glen Garry Summer Sunset, Scottish Highlands
This image was one of a series taken over a period of 20 minutes as the sun disappeared over the horizon - in this case at almost that precise moment. This is a very well-known and visited viewpoint and there is nothing new or different here in its content or composition. Indeed, I have taken many images from this viewpoint before, at all times of year ... Read More
Kintail Rainclouds, Scottish Highlands
Kintail Rainclouds, Scottish Highlands
The weather had been particularly changeable during the early part of the month and after the clearance of yet more overnight rain a showery north-westerly airstream prevailed. In hopeful anticipation of some interesting light and dramatic images I headed west towards the coast and the shores of Loch Duich, from where the summits of The Five Sisters of Kintail rose ... Read More
Glencoe Sunrise, Scottish Highlands
Glencoe Sunrise, Scottish Highlands
This was a shot which I had attempted two years earlier, planned well in advance by calculation of the sun's azimuth and altitude when seen from this location, so it was just a matter of patience - and good fortune - that the right conditions would prevail during the window of opportunity that I had identified. It is a classic viewpoint for The Pap of Glencoe and the Bidean nam Bian massif ... Read More
Thamserku from the Dudh Kosi Valley, Khumbu Himalaya Nepal
Thamserku from the Dudh Kosi Valley, Khumbu Himalaya Nepal
For many trekkers who fulfill their lifetime's ambition and walk the trail to Everest Base Camp in the Khumbu region of Nepal there is but a singular objective in the mind. But those of us who visit more than once or who have a discerning interest in the mountains and the region, it is obvious that there are numerous subsidiary peaks worthy of closer attention, and that they would receive such, if it were not for their taller and more illustrious neighbours ... Read More