The Aonach Eagach from the River Coe
Ian Evans

Ian Evans

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Aonach Eagach Ridge and River Coe

On this visit to Glencoe the objective was to capture a shot of the River Coe with the backdrop of the Aonach Eagach Ridge. I had reconnoitred this view a few weeks earlier but there was little water in the river that day and the light was flat. 

I have taken many shots of the ridge reflected in Loch Achtriochtan outwith this river flows, but I thought that this view of it seen across river at the point where it tumbles over a number of very picturesque rocky steps gave a new dimension to the ridge and added much more interest to the overall image.

Photographic Details :-

Time of Year : October
Location Map Reference : 135565 : Banks of The River Coe, Glencoe. Time : 1245 GMT
Equipment & Settings : Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 G AF-S ED Lens @ 24mm. Gitzo tripod, Arca Swiss tripod head, Lee 0.9 ND Soft Graduated and Little Stopper Filters. 
Settings : Shutter 4 sec, Aperture f11, ISO 100.

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