Aonach Eagach Ridge and The River Coe

On this visit to Glencoe the objective was to capture a shot of the Aonach Eagach Ridge and River Coe at the falls in the river just beyond the outflow from Loch Achtriochtan. Here, the falls provide and new and picturesque dimension to the ridge itself.

I had reconnoitred this view a few weeks earlier but there was little water in the river that day and the light was flat, However on this occasion the conditions were perfect with nice clear, full light and a good flow of water in the river.

This was one of the few occasions when I resorted to the use of filters, this time a ‘LEE Big Stopper’ filter, in order to accentuate and slow the flow of the water over the falls. I do not advocate the regular use of filters because there is inevitably some kind of disadvantage to their use that accompanies the benefits.

There were two issues that I had to consider. The first one being the creation of a blue cast across the whole image that is the direct result of the filter itself and the very lengthy exposure needed to obtain the best results. However, this can be corrected out using Lightroom in post processing.

My main concern was the proximity of the main A82 to my viewpoint and the very soft and spongy ground upon which I had to place my tripod. Using an exposure of around 30 seconds meant that I had to judge when the road was clear to avoid the vibrations caused by heavy vehicles. Of the five images captured on this morning, three had to be rejected because of camera shake clearly visible on the enlarged image.

Time of Year : 8th October
Location Map Reference : 135565 : Banks of The River Coe, Glencoe.
Time : 1245 GMT

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