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I have been publishing mountain prints since 1983 with an established reputation for high quality products and service.
I offer an exclusive range of panoramic, landscape, framed and unframed prints of mountains prepared individually for each and every customer.

A Distinctive Style

I am passionate about capturing classic and traditional views of mountains in the very best of conditions. My distinctive style is simple and recognisable. I keep my use of creative filters to the absolute minimum, and carry out only the most basic post-capture corrective work in the studio. A print you buy from me will genuinely reflect the view that I saw on the day I took the picture.

A Distinctive Style

Print & Frame Quality

My images were captured on professional film or high resolution digital cameras before painstakingly reproduced onto superb professional Fotospeed Fine Art papers. My frames are also of the highest quality; the mouldings I offer have been carefully chosen to work well with all my images and they are manufactured and assembled by Fine Art Trade Guild craftsmen.

About the Prints & Frames

Personal Attention & Guarantee

I have been publishing mountain prints since 1983. Each and every order receives my personal attention ensuring that every customer enjoys a first class product and a friendly, efficient and secure service. I am always available and very happy to discuss customers' requirements or their concerns before placing an order. I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee on my all products.

Personal Attention & Guarantee

Full sized print of Wastwater custom-framed in a Slate Grey moulding
Print and Frame Prices
Aspect Ratio
Unframed Image Size*
Unframed Print Size**
Framed Image Size*
Framed Print Size**
Print Price
Framed Print Price
Wide Panoramic
3.5 : 1
980 x 280 mm
39" x 11"
1150 x 432mm
45" x 17"
660 x 190mm
26" x 7.5"
840 x 360mm
33" x 14"
£ 49.95
£ 144.95
3 : 1
840 x 280 mm
33" x 11"
1000 x 432mm
36" x 17"
615 x 205mm
24" x 8"
840 x 360mm
33" x 14"
£ 44.95
£ 139.95
Tall Panoramic
2.5 : 1
700 x 280 mm
28" x 11"
850 x 432 mm
34" x 17"
508 x 205mm
20" x 8"
610 x 305mm
24" x 12"
£ 42.95
£ 129.95
1.5 : 1
450 x 300 mm
18" x 12"
594 x 420 mm
23" x 16"
450 x 300 mm
18" x 12"
675 x 500 mm
27" x 20"
£ 34.95
£ 134.95

All sizes are approximate.
* Image Size refers to the precise size of the printed image.
** Print Size refers to the overall external dimensions of the finished product, be it either the paper size of the unframed print or the external frame size of the framed print including the mount border and the frame. This will vary slightly depending upon the moulding selected and is approximate but the moulding is generally 40mm wide and 16mm deep.

Endless Horizons - Eternal Summits

by Ian Evans

This is a book about walking, climbing and photographing the mountains of The Scottish Highlands, The Lake District, Snowdonia and The Himalayas of Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan. The eloquently written narrative takes the reader on what was quite literally a journey of a lifetime that started beside the waters of Llyn Idwal in Snowdonia and eventually took Ian to the tall snow-capped summits of the high Himalaya. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout with Ian's wonderful images that have been superbly reproduced in full colour.

Dimensions : 297mm x 210mm (A4 Landscape), Cover : Soft Bound, Pages : 215 Illustrations :185, Published : 2021 by Mountain Images, Printed : Johnsons Printers Nantwich

This privately produced and published volume and is not available in any retail bookstore; All copies are signed by the author and photographer.

Price : £25 plus £5 post and packaging


Endless Horizons - Eternal Summits
Endless Horizons - Eternal Summits
The Lake District
The Scottish Highlands
The Himalayas
The Himalayas
Climbing in The Himalayas
On Location

At Home and Abroad with Ian Evans

Snowdon Horseshoe from Glyder Fawr
Snowdon Horseshoe from Glyder Fawr
Snowdon was the first mountain that I ever climbed – over forty years ago. Then, as now, I was fascinated by the complexity and sheer majesty of its great north-eastern cwms and ridges of Cwm Dyli, Cwm Glas, Crib Goch and Crib-y-ddysgl. Those who climb Snowdon by way of Crib Goch and Crib-y-ddysgl will indeed experience in some measure ...

Snowdon Horseshoe from Glyder Fawr

Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch
Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch
The most evocative and uplifting moments I have experienced in the mountains of Britain and the Himalaya have been during the twilight hours, particularly in the pre-dawn, when one is alone, the world around is still, and the only sound to be heard is that of silence. Such was the case one very still and bitterly cold morning in early January ...

Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch

Everest Khumbu Panorama
Everest Khumbu Panorama
I have always been fascinated by the The Himalaya – a land of secret and sacred summits bathed in mystique and religious devotion. When I first took up mountaineering photography I literally bought any publication that I could find that contained images of these mountains along with information on travel throughout the region ...

Everest Khumbu Panorama

Audio-Visual Presentations

Ian Evans is a particularly skilled communicator; his powerful audio-visual presentations, delivered for corporate clients and at film festivals, fundraising events and private functions, have for many years received considerable acclaim nationwide. Now designed and produced using the very latest digital technology in high definition widescreen format, Ian's stunning presentations take his audiences on a lifetime's journey of discovery.

His images are meticulously sequenced to music, sensitively and expertly chosen not only to enhance the visual impact of the photography but also to help audiences to fully appreciate the experiences, both physical and emotional, of those who enter some of the world's most remote and magnificent mountain environments.

Himalaya - Above All Else
From 'Endless Horizons - Eternal Summits'
High and Wild
From 'The Magic of Mountain Light'

A selection of these audio-visual sequences, extracted from Ian's two major presentations - 'Endless Horizons - Eternal Summits' and 'The Magic of Mountain Light' - are reproduced here in high definition video format for your enjoyment. The videos are presented in a new browser window from Ian's YouTube channel and for best results it is recommended that they are viewed in full screen.

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