Liathach from Loch Clair

Liathach Prints and Landscape Photography

A collection of framed prints and images of Liathach, one of the mightiest and best known mountains of Glen Torridon in the north of the Scottish Highlands. Several of these prints were captured during a very special shoot on the morning of the winter solstice when the mountains were covered in a recent fall of snow and the sunrise was particularly spectacular.
Loch Torridon Sunrise
Beinn Alligin, Liathach and Loch Torridon at Sunrise
Liathach Torridon Panorama
Liathach and Loch Clair Torridon Panorama
Loch Clair
Loch Clair and Liathach
Beinn Alligin, Liathach, Loch Torridon
Loch Torridon Panorama
Liathach from Loch Clair
Liathach and Loch Clair
Liathach from Loch Clair
Liathach from Loch Clair


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